Living in a world...

… surrounded by chaos, it can often feel overwhelming, lonely and unsettling. 

The call for peace, freedom and connection has never been louder!

We recognize we are in a day and age where in order for that “call” to be answered and realized, it must be cultivated by people from the inside-out…

…until it becomes a lived reality of PEACE, FREEDOM and CONNECTION!

We’ve discovered this approach is the most effective way to create sustainable-positive change, authentic happiness and living a life of purpose. 

Our Mission...

…is to empower every woman, man and child to: 

Connect to their intuition, 

Claim their greatness,

Stand in their Authentic Power and

Create the change they wish to see in the world. 

Our Commitment...

… is to continually discover and rediscover our best selves through peace, ease and dedication to high levels of self-responsibility… 

while gracefully navigating what life brings us—   wether it feels light or heavy.

 For those who are ready, we commit to walking beside you on your own unique journey of self-healing, self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-actualization.

Join us on this transformative journey of embodying our Divinity, through the experience of our Humanity— one person, one family, one community at a time.

Meet Our Founders

Michelle Wilding

Michelle stepped onto her inner personal journey over 15 years ago. Having struggled with her own issues with body image and self worth, it fueled her to finding a solution to solve it.

She has worked as a personal trainer for 5 years helping women to transform their physical bodies to become strong, fit and healthy. After noticing the struggle some women had in maintaining or even achieving their desired results she realized their physical problems had almost nothing to do with what they ate or how much they worked out. They where a direct result of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs they had about themselves.

She attended Brigham Young University where she studied Psychology to understand the inner workings of the mind and human behavior. Her path has also led her to purse other modalities and avenues that not only assisted her own healing, but has benefitted the hundreds of women she's assisted on their own healing journey.

She is a certified Hypnotherapist and is also a trained Rapid Transforamtional Therapist. And somewhere along the way she became a cosmetologist and specializes in giving "Soul Cuts".

As one of the Co-founders of the The Sophrenic Collective, she absolutely loves guiding women to see the powerful, beautiful, authentic being they truly are, while assisting them to start living and creating a life they truly love.

She is a mother to the cutest little Maltese puppy Sadie, loves fabulous shoes, traveling, Road and Mountain biking, eating great food and is passionate about helping women succeed.

Amanda Monroy Nelson

Amanda is a certified Integrative Healing Practitioner, Conscious Lifestyle Coach and Speaker with a background in conscious communication, emotional release therapy, energy medicine, quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetic healing & activation.

She came to these learnings not just by studying it in books and classes, but by utilizing these teachings and modalities in her own personal healing journey. She came from a past that was ridden with loss, betrayal, trauma and pain.

These experiences drove her to deep depression, anxiety, anorexia, and eventually lead her to a suicide attempt.
So although she has certifications to her name, what she's most proud of is her own personal results and the "street cred" that comes from DOING and BEING "the work."

Amanda is married to her amazing (and hot) husband Jeff, and together they raise their "Brady Bunch" style family that consists of 5 kids and a pitbull named Bailee.

Amanda can often be found in nature on adventures, at the barn riding horses, next to the fire with her nose in a book (one of the 5 that she's reading at any given time), or in a class or event doing and learning something new. She loves all things "woo-woo" while also enjoying the cool hard facts of why mystical traditions work from a scientific perspective.

As the Co-founder of The Sophrenic Collective, she loves empowering women, men, families and communities to operate from their most authentic and whole place, while rippling out more love, happiness, confidence, creativity and miracles into the world.
She's just here helping heal the planet-- one heart, one family, one community at a time.

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