Group Agreements

In an effort to create an amazing experience, and a safe container to help foster growth, we have created some group guidelines and agreements. They are as follows:

  • I am choosing into this experience and take full responsibility for what I create and achieve here. I will own my shortcomings and my wins!

  • I will show up to my fullest ability and love myself through the process.

  • I commit to honoring everyone's experience in this space and WILL NOT share other people‚Äôs experiences, stories or shares outside of this group. If I would like to share something, I will talk with the person whose story I would like to share to seek permission, prior to sharing. What is said here stays here. And I will honor that.

  • The content provided by The Sophrenic Collective and its coaches is for me (and the other people in this group). If I would like to share some of what is here, I will reach out and ask an admin first.

  • I am learning and growing. And I recognize everyone else in the group is as well. I commit to being patient, kind and compassionate. If something comes up that triggers something in me, I commit to doing my inner work (projection work), take responsibility for my part and choose into communication that fosters Possibility and creates Win-Wins.

Once you have reviewed these agreements, and feel that you can agree, please comment "I agree" in the comments section. If there is something you don't feel you can agree to, please reach out to one of the Admins.

-Amanda, Michelle and The Sophrenic Collective Team