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Why Join a Group?

Just having knowledge isn’t enough! 

If it were, we would all be living our best lives, in bodies we love already. Simply because we have access to the internet.

 It’s applying this knowledge into our everyday life that makes the difference!

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Most women aren’t happy or comfortable with what they see in the mirror. They’ve done countless diet programs starving themselves and sacrificing the foods they love the most, to fit into the jeans sitting in their closets. Most women are constantly looking for the next magic workout program that will finally deliver the results of losing that extra weight and keeping it off forever.

Let's be honest most of them fail at whatever program they pick. 


Well, here’s a little secret.  Any program you pick will actually work.

The catch is you have to STICK TO IT!

Well duh, right?  But an even more important question to ask... What is the “it” that’s preventing you from sticking to your plan?

Until you understand why you can’t stick to a program, and then know what to do with that information, you will keep sabotaging yourself and repeating the same old pattern. 

Most women just want to focus on the physical actions they “think” are needed in order to be successful.

But every action you take starts in your brain and is triggered by a feeling/emotion.

Your brain is set up in a very specific way. The results you are currently experiencing are a direct reflection of what is going on in your mind and in your heart.

Want something different? You have to do something different.

  • Every action in life starts with a thought or an emotion. 
  • Your thoughts and emotions are tied to specific events that have happened in your life. 
  • You’ve developed behaviors (or programs, remember your brain is just like a computer) based off of those experiences.

And as crazy as it sounds your “bad unproductive” behavior is serving you in some way. 

Want to be successful? Get to the root cause of that behavior and handle it. Your behavior will naturally change to get in line with the new thoughts and feelings.

This program is designed to do exactly that.

We teach you how to develop emotional mastery.  So when emotions and feelings come up, they no longer send you down a slippery slope of despair.

We teach you the mechanics of how the brain works, why it does certain things, and how to use natural functions of your brain for your benefit.  So instead of being at war with your mind, it becomes one of your greatest allies and biggest assets.

By the end of this program, you will have the mental, emotional, and physical tool set to accomplish your deepest desires, including having a body you absolutely love.

We focus on a truly whole-body approach!  Yes that means you will be in the best shape your life, while also being in the best mental, emotional, and spiritual shape of your life, as well!

What to expect in

A Heroine's Journey - 

Body Transformation Group:

Transformation groups are personal. You won’t be just another face in the crowd. Unlike other approaches, here you will be a part of a small group with personal daily accountability. Giving you the motivation and the daily steps to assure your continued progress.

We do this by giving you weekly videos teaching:

  • How your brain works and how to get it to work FOR you.
  • How emotions move through the body and how not to be run by them
  • How to heal the relationship with your body. And be in the best health and shape of your life
  • How to clear blocks so you stop sabotaging yourself
  • How to clear drama out of your life
  • How to connect to intuition and receive clarity for faster results

→ Weekly group coaching calls - This is a chance to connect with your group and ask questions, providing extra support so you never have to flounder and feel like you are in this alone.

→ One personal session with Michelle and one with Amanda where you can dive even deeper into the nitty-gritty and breakthrough to the other side.

→ Fitness and nutritional resources - Having a healthy strong body means having a healthy happy mind! You are given nutrition guides and workout plans tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

→ Daily motivation and encouragement.

→ Other topics and tools that assist you to actually living an integrated, happy and productive life that produces real results.

These groups are designed to take mindfulness, health, emotional intelligence and spiritual connection to the next level where you produce real tangible results. No more just hoping one day you’ll manifest your goals. Here we take the very best principles and apply them in a way where anyone who is willing, can achieve their dreams! Yes we mean you! 

Achieving your dreams is totally possible. But why not make it totally doable! Having the knowledge, combined with practical, easy, daily steps and support makes accomplishing your goals inevitability!

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