Master Practitioner


This triple certification program certifies you as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistics Programming, Coaching and Energy. Upon full completion of this program, you'll be eligible and prepared to pass board testing through the Association of Integrative Psychology.

Why NLP, Coaching & Energy?


  • Reprogram the mind for optimal success and achievement
  • Release limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Overcome procrastination, lack of motivation, depression, and phobias
  • Communicate in a way that creates a deeper connection between you and others
  • Transform states of being and patterns of behavior instantly


  • Hone in on, and find out what the client’s specific issue is, in a clear and concise way, which helps your client understand their mind, their emotions, and their energy,  while helping them know what to do with it.
  • Create a mindset that helps your client achieve lasting results
  • Give mental framework allowing your clients to powerfully navigate the intense and dark moments of life.


  • Work with the energy systems of the body to obtain optimal states of being that create lasting results
  • Learn how to guide clients to deeply connect with their intuition and receive answers and guidance instantaneously 
  • Develop emotional self-mastery and utilize emotions to fuel goals instead of sabotaging them

It's best for:

Therapists and Counselors

Are you already working in the Mental Health Industry and feeling frustrated with the lack of progress or slow progress your clients are making? Or maybe you simply want to take your practice to the next level? This course helps you get to the root issue with your clients, while releasing limiting beliefs and deep seeded emotions, instantly. Resulting in your clients easily changing self-sabotaging behavior and empowering them to achieve their desired results faster.

Beginner Entrepreneurs

Are you wanting to make a career change? Tired of traditional hustle and grind and ready to embrace a career path that feels more fulfilling?  Many of our practitioners hold down their current jobs as they build a practice that brings more fulfillment and joy. If this matches your thoughts and feelings, then this program is for you!

Coaches, Mentors and Facilitators

Everything we teach is applicable to 1 on 1 coaching. And a lot of it is POWERFUL when utilized in group settings.  No longer will you be stuck talking problems out with your clients hoping they keep motivation long enough to do the work required to get the results they want. You will have the skills to uninstall limiting beliefs and install behaviors that set your clients up for undeniable success. And it’s as easy and fast as changing an app on your phone. Your brain is that powerful.

Personal Trainers, Athletic Coaches and Performance Coaches 

All learning, behavior and change happens at the unconscious level. If you're wanting your clients to get elevated results quickly, you have to understand how the unconscious mind works and how to reprogram it. This program will set you up to give your clients unparalleled shifts in their unconscious mind that results in radical shifts in their bodies, minds and emotional state. This takes their performance next level.


We're Michelle & Amanda

Between the two of us, we have nearly 30 years working within the health and wellness industry. In those years, we've discovered a few things. We believe as a human collective, we're highly understaffed on the planet with quality resources and practitioners that support people in healing from trauma, while operating from a place of authentic confidence and clarity. This program came as a result of our own healing journey. We found the combination of NLP, Coaching and Energy was the secret sauce that synergized us and brought the most efficient and effective healing & growth. NLP helped rewire our Unconscious Minds to move towards success instead of away from it. Coaching helped our Conscious Mind operate from a clearer space. Energy got us so deeply connected to our intuition (aka Super-Conscious mind, which is responsible for action taken from inspiration). It's also is the part of the mind that brings us a deep feeling of safety and security; no matter how the world or the people in it show up. Once we got all three parts of our mind congruent with one another, goals became easy, success is sustainable and peace is abundant.

For us, our goal is to revolutionize the western mental health industry. Our method may be out of the traditional box. But this method has not only worked for us but for the hundreds of clients we've worked with. Don't believe us? Scroll to the testimonial section of this page and see for yourself. 

Come join the healing ranks alongside us! And let's empower this plant one person, one family and one community at a time.

-Michelle Wilding & Amanda Monroy Nelson

Co-Founders of The Sophrenic Collective 

How It Works


Register. Yep. Get registered. And then mark your calendars for all three in-person classes, held in Highland, UT:

-October 24-28, 2022

-December 5 - 12, 2022

-February 7 - 11, 2023

***Note: Zoom is an option for class. We do highly encourage you to attend in-person whenever possible.


Speaking of class... in addition to our in-person classes, you'll also be added to our virtual classroom and private on-line community (with your teachers and fellow students). The virtual classroom is for ongoing instruction between in-person classes. It will also be a forum where you can ask questions and get them answered quickly. 


In order to receive your full certification, you'll get to complete all class hours. You'll also be required to complete practice sessions and case studies. Don't worry, we guide you through all of this. One step at a time.


Lastly, once all classes, practice sessions and case studies are complete, you'll be ready to take your written and practical exams. Upon successful completion of those exams, you'll be qualified to be Board certified through the Association of Integrative Psychology. You'll also receive your certificates for NLP, Coaching and Energy from The SoCo Institute. 


After the completion of the second class, you'll be qualified to take your certification test for Level 1 NLP Practitioner. (This test is required prior to taking your NLP Master Practitioner test that happens at the end of the third class). This certification allows you to begin faciliating powerful healing experiences with your clients, while building your clientele prior to completion of the full program. WHY DO WE DO THIS? Because we want you out in the world, making a difference. This also allows you to recoup on your investment into the program, while giving you real-world practice in an environment that allows you to  and seek support and insight from your teachers and peers as you grow; both individually and as a Practitioner. 

Real Success Stories

"This certification program changed my life and the ripples transformed the lives of the people I love most! Navigating relationships and parenting with my husband is night and day different and we've experienced more connection, healthy honesty, and love. On top of that, my private practice has taken off! I've more than 10X my income and have now been hired as a privately contracted practitioner at a Health Recovery Center where I work alongside doctors, therapists and other healers to help people kick addiction and heal from chronic pain and illness."

Mandy Wood

Program Graduate/Certified Master Practitioner

"Amanda and Michelle are a phenomenal power duo who make provider training fun, informative + transformational. I completed mine across the country via Zoom + was immersed in the education! I learned so, so very much - knowledge that I can apply not just to my professional practice, but my personal life as well.

What stands out as above + beyond other trainings I have done is how accessible Michele and Amanda are - answering all of our questions, in depth, patiently and giving us the “why” behind it all. More so, they share deeply of their personal lives - allowing their vulnerability to shine- in addition to opening up about their businesses - teaching what works and also what hasn’t worked for them.

It’s easy to learn and absorb information presented and demonstrated so well - and through hands on, good old-fashioned, practice that they facilitate. There isn’t a lot of fluff/filler - it’s down to the stuff that is effective, fast and gets results.

Quite literally, the training is invaluable."

Chrysti Hydeck

Certified Master Practitioner

"When I committed to doing this, I had no idea what would come on the other side of this experience!! If I did have any expectations, they have played out far better than I could have ever imagined them to be!! This training is the BEST of the BEST in my book; and I have participated in many trainings over the course of my career. I feel more than prepared to integrate all of the learnings into my practice and I can attest to seeing the power of this program for those just starting out as well. Wherever anyone one is on their journey, this program can fit."

Kim Cluff

Certified Master Practitioner/ Owner & Founder of Lightswitch, LLC.

We're excited to see you in class...

It's true. We are. 

We have a lot of fun in this program. We teach a lot. Learn a lot. And laugh a lot.

Our favorite thing is to watch more people claim and create new realities, opportunities and fulfillment in their own careers and the lives of the people they serve.

See you soon!




One Time Payment

For paying the full tuition upfront, this option saves you $500. This program is $12,500. But with this option it's $12,000.



/per class

Per Class

With a $500 upfront payment, this option allows you to pay $4000 per class.




Year Payment Plan

With a $500 upfront payment, this option allows you to pay $1000 per month for a year.

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