You can program your mind.

Think about that statement.  Do you believe it?

Let me tell you, It is absolutely true — which means YOU are in charge of exactly how your life looks.

"Whoa... my life is a mess,” you might be thinking.

You’re not alone, as it’s a common conclusion for so many today.  BUT, it’s possible as you read the above message the light is beginning to illuminate your mind of a new possibility, 

“Maybe... I don’t have to live this way forever.”

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the process and method of gently accessing your subconscious mind while you are fully awake. During a hypnotherapy session you are able to identify the root causes and origins of your specific and unique life challenges. 

Clear understanding materializes of how and why the unwanted behavior or emotion began, and how it continues to affect your life.  During the session you will be assisted in removing the faulty program(s) and replacing them with potent, powerful, clear programs designed specifically to assist you in achieving your desired life goals with ease.

Consider that most of us pay no attention to what rolls through our mind from moment to moment.  In fact, we actually believe that everything our brain tells us is true, is coming from us and is a good idea.  

How do you Know?

Because you act it out every single day.  When you work towards accomplishing a new goal or life desire and it's slow, painful and problematic — that’s a clue your brain is running a faulty program.  This is “unconscious programming”, and is what keeps you stuck precisely where you are.  

In order to easily live the life we want, we must understand where our mental resources are wasted unconsciously. Once we grasp that, then it’s our job to re-program what we think and how we behave to move us powerfully towards our desired outcomes.

Why is Hypnotherapy So Effective?

Because hypnotherapy goes directly to the origin of the issue — where it first started — by bypassing your critical conscious mind and connecting with your subconscious.  Hypnotherapy transforms your thoughts, feelings and behaviors from the inside out.

The subconscious mind makes up 90% of the brain's function. It’s the part of the brain that stores every experience you’ve ever had, everything you’ve ever heard and everything you’ve ever learned.

Your subconscious mind has 3 objectives.

1. Survival — to keep you alive

2. To move you away from pain and “painful” experiences

3. To give you what it (your subconscious mind) thinks you want, and what it presumes is best for you.  

And it is often not in your best interest.

Knowing the function of the subconscious mind allows us to work in a way where we have the ability to easily change behaviors, emotions and habits like:

  • Creating a more satisfying, rewarding and fulfilling life

  • Wipe away old limiting beliefs

  • Getting rid of a bad habit

  • Overcoming a long-standing phobia

  • Finding the willpower to stick to a diet

  • Take active control of your career, your health and your relationships

  • overcoming depression, anxiety and fear

  • unleash your imagination

and so much more!

How Will Hypnotherapy Help Me Achieve My Goals?

As you go through a hypnotherapy session you will work through key steps to identify and remove erroneous programs, input new information, develop strategies to lock in success, and education to reinforce the strategies so they settle powerfully within you. Then you’ll go home with simple, but deeply effective, homework which you will use to embed the new knowledge as it  becomes a natural part of your daily life.

Realizing your subconscious mind, which makes up 90% of your brains function, is running off programs typically created between 0 - 7yrs old can be startling!  And, our subconscious mind is still acting off the interpretations you made all those years ago of those childhood experiences.

The Sophrenic Collective - Hypnotherapy - Settings Goals

An example of this I explain in the video. One client struggled starting a business. No matter what he did he couldn’t motivate himself to do the last two steps. Self-sabotage was happening in the form of anxiety, procrastination and doubt. 

When we got to the root of the issue he learned he had an experience when he was 6 yrs. old which was still influencing his life.  These types of experiences, and the interpretations (programs) we made up about them decades in the past, is what keeps us stuck in the same cycles. making it almost impossible to move forward.

What to Expect During a Hypnotherapy Session:

Your hypnotherapist will assist you, one on one, to access your subconscious mind through a series of visualizations and relaxation techniques. You will be in a meditative relaxed state where your mind is able to hyper focus. You work alongside your hypnotherapist uncovering meaning and interpretation of past events and then changing them.

While you are in this meditative state, you are fully in control of your actions. You can still hear things around you, and you cannot be forced to do something against your will. During a session, you will be conscious, awake, participating fully and will completely remember your experience at the end of your session.  Each session lasts between 1-2 hours.

If you are finally ready to accomplish that dream goal and are done doing it the hard way, its time to take a new approach! Hypnotherapy can be your secret weapon to start living your dream life. Because the truth is, everyone is extremely motivated, they just aren’t aware of what they are motivated for. Now its your turn to get the programs in your head to work for you instead of against you, and watch the miracles start to take place in your life!

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Integrative Transformation Support Groups

Just having knowledge isn’t enough! 

If it were, we would all be living our best lives because we have access to the internet LOL! Its applying this knowledge into our everyday life that makes the difference! This is where these groups come in.

An image of women walking and laughing with one another

Why Join a Support Group?

We saw that there was a huge need today in assisting people to apply the knowledge they already have, and to learn a few key additional tools and techniques to make accomplishing a goal and living a happy fulfilled life possible!

These groups are designed and tailored to support and walk with you step by step as you accomplish your desired goal.

We focus on a truly whole-body approach! Yes that means you will be in the best shape of your life, while also being in the best mental, emotional and spiritual shape of your life as well!

An Image of a Woman Splashing Water

What to Expect in a Transformational Support Group:

Monthly transformation groups are more personal. You won’t be another face in the crowd. Unlike other approaches, here you will be apart of a small group with personal daily accountability. Giving you the motivation and the daily step to assure your continued progress.

We do this by:

  • Giving you weekly videos teaching:

    •  How your brain works and how to get it to work FOR you.

    • How emotions move through the body and how not to be run by them

    • How to heal the relationship with your body. And be in the best health of your life

    • How to clear blocks so you can finally achieve your goal

    • How to clear drama out of your life

    • How to connect to intuition and receive clarity

    • Other topics assisting you to truly live an integrated, happy, productive dream life

  • Weekly group calls - This is a chance to connect with your group and ask questions, providing extra support so you never have to flounder and feel like you are in this alone

  • Fitness and nutritional Resources - Having a healthy strong body means having a healthy happy mind! You are given nutrition guides and workout plans tailored to your specific needs and preferences

  • Daily motivation and encouragement

These groups are designed to take mindfulness, health, emotional intelligence and spiritual connection to the next level with easy, everyday practice and integration.

Achieving your dreams is totally possible. But why not make it totally doable! Having the knowledge, combined with practical, easy, daily steps and support makes accomplishing your goals an inevitability!

An image of women traveling together

How to Join a Support Group:

1. Send Us a Message

If you're interested in joining our next group put your information in below and we will be in contact!