Shifting from Fear to Trust in 30 Seconds

Three easy steps to shift from Fear to Trust in 30 seconds

I get it. We all have moments when fear gets so big that it’s almost consuming. 

And quite frankly, sometimes it is. 

In those moments when it feels so big you can’t function, obviously the most ideal step is to shift out of that.

But, how do you do that? Most of us weren't taught that in school, let alone anywhere else.

So, here’s three steps that can help you shift from fear to trust!

1. Recognize:

If you can recognize that you are in a state of panic, you are, quite honestly half way to shifting out of it. Awareness is key in this first step. Because once you’re aware, you can do something about it!

This leads us to our first question, which is also key. 

How do you know if you’re operating from a place of fear or not? 

To find out, you can ask yourself this question: “If I wanted to, could I shift these spiraling thoughts I’m having?” If the answer is “Yes,” AWESOME! Go ahead and do that and head on over to Step 2.  

If the answer is “No,” AWESOME!!! Because, guess what?! You just identified that you are operating from fear-mind, also known as fight or flight. And remember, at the beginning of this paragraph we mentioned that awareness is half the battle. So you ALSO get to move on to step number 2! 

2. Re-Focus:

This is just a fancy word (or not so fancy of a word) that describes “getting present.” If you’re in “fear-mind,” chances are that you are operating from two different places. Your mind is either running a loop of what has happened in the past, and/or you’re spinning scenarios of what “could” happen in the future. Both of which aren’t powerful places to be. Because you can't do anything from those places, because you’re not actually in those places. The most powerful place you can be is in the present moment. And step number two is all about that. 

So, how can you get present? Our most favorite “life hack” in this area is to USE YOUR SENSES! Ask yourself, “What am I smelling?” 

“What am I seeing?” 

“What am I hearing?” 

“What am I tasting in my mouth?” 

“What am I feeling?” 

All of these questions will help you get focused with your current sensations and can bring you into the present moment. Feel and notice those sensations while taking nice deep breaths. If your mind starts to wonder or spin out, repeat step number two. Once you feel your system settle, even if just for a bit, then move on to Step 3.

3. Re-frame:

The power of reframe is what will shift our life experience from having a life that happens TO YOU, to having a life that is happening FOR YOU. It’s in this step where we choose out of being a victim to whatever is present, and step into being a creator and/or co-creator with Source/God/Universe/Spirit.

Often times our mind is programmed to ask, “What is wrong with me/this situation/the world, etc.” 

And here’s the deal… if you ask that question, your subconscious mind is going to begin looking for all of the ways that is true, because it wants to PROVE YOU RIGHT! So it’s going to find all the evidence. 

So when it comes to re-frame, the power of your questions will determine the quality of your life. We have instructed many of our clients to begin eliminating the question about "what’s wrong," and shift it to “What is right about me/this situation/the world?” And here’s what’s cool, your subconscious mind will begin looking for THAT evidence. 

It may feel a bit foreign at first, because it’s like a muscle you may not have been exercising much. But the more and more you exercise it, the more and more it will begin to become your first and natural response when something shows up that feels like a challenge.

Asking this simple question will not only shift your mental state, but will also shift the way the cells in your body vibrate. If they are operating at a resonance that is dense, you can guarantee that you will attract more density. If your cells in your body are operating at a lighter vibration and frequency, you will attract more “lightness” in your world.

We don’t get what we deserve. Or even what we want. We get what we vibrate!

And shifting out of fight or flight (fear) and into possibility (Trust), is a powerful step in shifting your reality.

For more information and to dive deeper into the topic, listen to our podcast episode “From Fear to Trust” HERE. To join the conversation, request access to our FREE Facebook Community HERE.

With a lot of love-

Amanda, Michelle & The Sophrenic Collective Team

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