The Beginning

by Michelle Wilding // March 8 // 0 Comments

It all Started Here!

We are of the belief that every person you meet is of a divine purpose. Some of those purposes could be as simple as raising your energy by the simplicity of a stranger's smile sent your direction on a gloomy day. 

Some connections could be as informative as the trigger that got set off within you by the person next to you in traffic. It’s that trigger that helps point you in the direction of the part of YOU that gets to be acknowledged and loved.

And then there are connections that drastically alter the trajectory of reality. 
And the world around you. 

These are the ones that are so divinely aligned that trying to resist them is actually dang near impossible. 
They will keep showing up until you allow, surrender and receive. Because with these types of connections, the soul is running the show.

These are the people that help call you forward into your greatest self and your divinely aligned destiny. 

This is who Amanda and Michelle have been, and continue to be to each other. 
And also how The Sophrenic Collective was born. (Because this isn’t just a company. It’s a living-breathing entity designed to help liberate the internally enslaved, assist in healing the human heart, mind, body and soul, while activating each person’s greatest potential).

Don’t get us wrong. It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows around these parts. And there were plenty of times Amanda and Michelle could have blown their friendship up. 

They resisted each other for years (11 in fact). 
And have gotten to lean in, and step up over and over.

It’s been through that process that some of the best growth, true friendship and authentic happiness has come to fruition.

What we resist will persist. 
And what we allow will create flow. 

Amanda and Michelle’s story contains plenty of moments of resistance. With even more moments of surrender. And an abundance of goodness.

For more of the nitty gritty details (like why they didn’t like each other for 11 years and HOW they got passed that) you can listen to their very first podcast on Spotify, or by clicking HERE.

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